Friday, 10 August 2018

Star Wars: Wave 1 Completed

Well that's the first batch of Star Wars miniatures finished and I've really enjoying painting these up, for PVC miniatures they hold a decent amount of detail and paint up rather well.  Next time I put a brush to a Star Wars miniature will be on the Tyrant of Lothal expansion and packs which will see the rest of Phoenix Squad, Thrawn, Deathtroopers and more being added to the collection.
On to the pictures now where I've used my new camera, I'm still playing around with it but I think I've managed to improve picture quality a little and hopefully they'll be room for improvement (still need to get the hang of the light box I bought).

Monday, 23 July 2018

Lord Of The Rings army lists for Kings Of War

Just a quick post with an update to the Lord of the Rings army list for KOW, available through the link below, which now includes some of the new units Forgeworld have been bringing out (Iron Hills Dwarves and Gundabad Orcs and Goblins etc).
Please remember that these list are not super competitive and may not be totally balanced however we have plenty of fun with them and nothing seems to be too broken, if you do come across anything or have any suggestions then please let me know.

Image result for hobbit dol guldur

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Forces of Nature: Big update

It's been a while since I did an update on Amy's Forces of Nature army so there's quite a bit to show off now (with more on the painting table at the moment).

Mantic Earth Elemental (I love the mossy arm)

Some 70s Treemen picked up at BOYL (Oldhammer weekend) couple of years ago, Kev Adams sculpted some extra leaves on the character's head that weekend.

A Foundry treeman

An old GW Treeman picked up at a wargames show.  This was already painted so just need a little touching up and then basing to match the rest of the force.

A Forest Troll from the Armies of Arcana range

And finally my favourite sculpt, the Treeman from Otherworld Miniatures.

Amy has been painting this weekend so they'll be a couple more things to post up soon.

Star Wars: Imperial Forces and Maul Complete

After a weeks holiday (where I did get some painting done but was mainly enjoying the fine weather we're experiencing at the moment) I've hit the painting table and rocked on with the Imperial forces for my Star Wars Rebels gaming along with finishing off Maul.

A tricky miniature to paint due to the amount of black but thanks to the Rebels concept art which can be found online I managed to stick pretty closely to his appearance from there (and again if you are a Star Wars fan but haven't watched this yet go pick it up now, well worth sticking with for some excellent story lines).

Next up we have the classic Stormtroopers and then Riot Troopers from the Heart Of The Empire expansion for Imperial Assault.

I followed Sorastro's guide for painting these over on YouTube which was very helpful and I think they've turned out very well.

I first saw the Sentry Droids on Rebels on loved their design and were one of the reason I ended up buying the Imperial Assault miniatures over the Legions range (the fact that within a couple of months you'll be able to pick up most of the major characters from Rebels as well also helped).

A simple paint job for these and again I followed the concept art from Rebels, they look great next to the Stormtroopers as they tower over them.

Lastly we have some heavy support in the form of an AT-DP, I really enjoyed painting this and got to use Typhus Corrosion (with a touch of Ryza Rust) properly for the first time for the weathering which really makes this pop.

With the Imperial forces completed I've now moved on to the Rebel scum, as usual progress pictures over on my Instagram account