Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Blackstone Fortress: Explorers

I've spent the last month or so painting up the explorers for Blackstone Fortress and as we're actively playing this now (about to undertake our first stronghold) it's lit a bit of a fire under me so they've progressed at a decent pace.
With these being centre piece characters I wanted to push myself with these and for the most part I'm very happy with the results.  As usual I've based these so they'll match up with the rest of my upcoming 40k minis as they undoubtedly see some use there as well.

Quite the motley crew

Janus Draik

 Espern Locarno

Taddeus the Purifier

Every Space Bishop needs a helpful, floating, gun toting skull! 

And of course his book of scripture 

Pious Vorne 

"Vindictor", the first bit of text I've attempted at this size  

Amallyn Shadowguide

UR-025 - had a lot of fun on this guy making him look old 


What every hobbit needs on an adventure, packed lunch 


Dahyak Grekh

The next (and last from the core game) mins will be the Black Legion Chaos Space Marines who be a tester for my larger army.

Sunday, 31 March 2019

Discworld: Nanny Ogg

Another Discworld miniature painted up, this time as a present for Mother's Day.  I really enjoyed painting such a 'vibrant' character (especially as I'm currently painting Blackstone Fortress).

Monday, 11 March 2019

Dungeon Saga and Forces of Nature

While I've been working on Blackstone Fortress Amy has been working through Dungeon Saga and has completed a lot of the Hero miniatures now.  Many of these will also see action in KOW Vanguard once we get around to playing that.

As a small break from Dungeon Saga she also painted some more of the Wargames Foundry miniatures for her Forces of Nature army.