Thursday, 12 September 2019

Core Space: Crews of the Poseidon, Yamato and Skylark

The last three trader crews for Core Space are done as is all the terrain now which means we'll be playing some games in the near future!

Once again these were painted entirely with the contrast paints and I'm very impressed with how they work and the speed they allow me to paint at.  Going forward I'll be painting a good deal of the PVC Kickstarter minis with these as well as using some in my day to day painting (they're great for painting hair, leathers, skin and plasma glows very quickly and look good).

Crew of the Poseidon

Crew of the Yamato

Crew of the Skylark

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Core Space: Security, Galactic Corps, Civilians, Gangers and Traders

It's been a busy old time at the paint table recently and I'm blasting through the Core Space minis (I actually finished them all this morning).  In the space of a week and a half I've managed to get through all the following miniature thanks in the main to using the new Contrast paints from GW.
It has been a learning experience but I think I've got the hang of them now and how to work with each colour.  I'll certainly be using them to paint up the Hellboy and Batman Kickstarters but I've also got Tyranid and Genestealer Cult armies waiting in the wings and these would be great for them.

Enough about the paint and on to the miniatures!


Galactic Corps:



Crew of the Ion Hope:

Crew of the Black Maria:

Crew of the Cygnus:

This leaves three crews to finish (just to varnish at this point) and then it'll be time to pop out the terrain and have a game.

Monday, 5 August 2019

Bring Out Your Lead 2019: It's (Old)Hammer Time!

This last weekend was that time of year again when Amy and myself head to Newark for a splendid weekend spent wargaming and socialising with like minded people all there to celebrate some old school miniatures/games.

Alan Merret - Tony Yates - Tony Ackland - John Blanche - Brian Ansell 

Friday was gaming day for us and we had a game of Orks versus the Forces of Nature, the background being that the space hulk the Orks were hitching a lift on had smashed in to a verdant planet which looked rich for the pickings however the planet had other ideas and the very trees themselves started to fight back!

The Orks advance 

Those trees are bloody quick 

The Orks scarpering off with da magic rock  

Game two, not many photos from this as the Orks were soundly squashed far too quickly 

We were using the Dragon Rampant rules with the objective for the Orks to collect the the monolith in the first game (it woz big 'un shiny) and then depending on the outcome we'd set up a follow up game.  As it happened the Orks smashed through the Nature lines and legged it with the Monolith however Da Boss must have gotten a little too cocky as he met a squishy end in the second game thanks to a rather large collection of walking trees.  The rest of the Orks didn't fare any better as they were out manoeuvred and decimated by the Nature reinforcements in short order.

Saturday was a day to check out all the games going on and for a good bit of socialising (which carried through till about 1am down the pub).  It was great to see so much 2nd Ed 40K being played as that was my entry way into the hobby and it has stoked a fire under me to get on with all the minis I have lying in wait. 

Some outstanding miniatures for a Space Hulk game 

2nd Ed 40k - Necrons vs Eldar 

A fantastic Mordheim game

A big game of Warhammer 

 Harry's awesome Might Empires board

More 2nd Ed 40k 

The Realm Of Chaos game 

Wolf Time (Rogue Trader) 

Brewers Droop 

As always the company was excellent and it was great catching up with Tony, Curtis and Curis to name but a few and of course a big thank you to Gadge and the Ansell's for the organisation and hospitality...  roll on next year.