Sunday, 19 July 2020

Core Space: Rogue Purge & Shift Change at Megacorp expansions

Another quick little project before delving back into 40k for 9th Edition, the two latest expansions for Core Space.

These are different than the base game or previous expansions in that they are resin miniatures however this does mean the sculpts are very will detailed.
As for the painting it's more contrast paints over a pre shaded base coat, which works great for this range and means I can get them done quickly.

The Rogue Purge

Shift Change at Megacorp

Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Highlander The Boardgame

A quick little project all done and dusted, Highlander The Boardgame.

I managed to get these done in four days thanks to contrast paints (yet again) though I was having some trouble with them.  The surface tension was all screwy, almost like I was trying to put them on a gloss varnish.  I've not had this before and hope it's the last time I do!

Some nice sculpts here from the film (and not from the film) but my favourite has to be Connor MacLeod, such an iconic image.

Saturday, 20 June 2020

Hellboy The Boardgame: Completed!

It's been exactly one month since I started this project and it's done!
Obviously this was made possible thanks to the lockdown here in England but also GW's contrast paints, which when put over a pre shaded base coat work very well to get a look that I'm more than happy with for the table top.

The final batch of miniatures were the characters from The Wild Hunt and the Box Full of Evil.

It must be said by this stage I was getting a little fatigued with painting so much but there were some lovely sculpts in this batch which certainly helped getting them done.

As since of you may be aware there is one miniature left to come to finish these off and that's the new Giant Robot Hellboy which is coming out in a couple of months.
Until then I think it's time to work on those new Core Space releases...

Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Hellboy The Boardgame: Hellboy in Mexico, The Wild Hunt and a Box Full of Evil

Lots of pictures today of what I've finished off during this week which includes Hellboy in Mexico and various monsters from the Box Full of Evil and Wild Hunt expansions.

Never thought I'd find myself painting Luchadors but they where fun to paint and I love the Hellboy and Camazotz sculpts.
Next are a selection of minis from The Wild Hunt and Box Full of Evil expansions.

With these done I'm just one batch of miniatures away from completing all the Hellboy miniatures (until Giant Robot Hellboy shows up), it's been quite an eclcectic set set to paint up.

Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Hellboy The Boardgame: The Dead of Darkness Calls (and Hellboy in Mexico)

With the main box done it's time to start work on the expansions and get back to minions, all of which are dead.

I have to admit I struggled a bit with these after enjoying painting the main characters but they look decent enough for minions and I did paint them all in one day!

Finally we have some zombies from Hellboy in Mexico.