Monday, 23 April 2018

Sedition Wars: Vangaurd

To carry on my current sci-fi binge I again went back into my unfinished projects and fished out the remaining Vanguard soldiers from Sedition Wars.  There was a lot of moaning going on when people received these miniatures as I believe they are some of the first produced in the 'restic' material which meant they needed some relatively careful cleaning work (compared to hard plastic) however I have never had an issue with them and they are in fact some of my favourite sci-fi soldiers.  They are so flexible that they'll see action in not only Sedition Wars but Warpath/Deadzone, 40k, 7TV and Starfall (more on this later) to name but a few.
I wanted to give these minis a different paint job to my original batch to denote them as an elite unit however still have them look like they looked belonged to the same army so I used the same colour palette that I used before but only used the darker tones instead of going to a light blue and the coloured should pad was just something that felt right while the weaponry was painted the same.

For reference here is an old picture of the original paint job for the other Vanguard (you can see more of them in the very first post on this blog):

I'm going to keep going with these and paint up three Old Crow vehicles I didn't finish up for the Vanguard the first time round (three buggies), they'll match the vehicles in the picture above, then I'll paint up the four character models which make perfect heroes and give me a decent sized force to play with (though I have more Vanguard in the wings waiting to be started on).

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Deadzone/Warpath: Enforcers

After finishing up the Marauders and re-basing the Plague I wanted to keep going on the sci-fi stuff as I've really been enjoying it so I unearthed the Enforcers I built and base coated before the house move (two and a half years ago now) and finally got some paint on them.

I had written my colour recipe down for these, as I always do now, so started to follow this however a colour was no longer in production so tried to use an alternative however I really didn't like the outcome so gave them a watered down black coat and then started again and matched up the colours by eyeballing it.  As it turns out these look better than my original Enforcers but still match in with them (though the originals will need their bases re-painting to match) and together will form the core from which I expand into a Warpath army.

Peacekeepers; Defenders, Sgt, Trooper and Specialist

Peacekeeper Captain

Energy effect on his gun 



Engineer and turrets 

Specialists and Trooper 

Captain and Assault Enforcer 


 Pathfinder and Drone

Sergeant Howlett - I tried my first real bit of OSL on his fist which has worked quite well

With these finished I've started on the next little project, sticking to the sci-fi theme I've gone even further back and started painting the remaining Vanguard from Sedition Wars (great to use as a Corp for Deadzone/Warpath but for pretty much any other sci-fi game out there at the moment).

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Kickstarter Spotlight: Terminator Genisys: Rise of the Resistance

A new Terminator board game has just launched on Kickstarter and is being published by River Horse under their current license and developed by Lynnvander Studios.  It is set just prior to the first 15 minutes of Terminator: Genysis and includes the characters from that film.  Now I know most people didn't like the film or the characters portrayals however a Terminator is a Terminator and I'll take any chance to play around in that world... cue that theme song.

Reprogrammed T-800 fighting for the Resistance before being sent back to 1984

Skynet's secret weapon and also a one time medical practitioner

One of the major draws for me is that the miniatures are compatible with the existing table top game from River Horse so I'll be expanding that game in a major way (Matt Smith and Arnie sculpts in Resistance gear along with a ton of Termies) as well as having what looks like a cool board game/dungeon crawler.

Monday, 26 March 2018

Marauder Warband for Deadzone

I've been sitting on these for a while now in a state of near completion, with my first post on these from a year and a half ago!  In the mean time they were sent off for painting, returned and then sat on my shelf.  However as I'm currently trying to get my various half finished projects up to date and I have an urge to get some games of Deadzone in I decided to finally get these finished up this weekend (along with re-painting the bases of my Plague force to better match up to how I'll be basing my Deadzone/Warpath forces and doing some repairs on my primed Enforces how are now on the painting table).
What I asked for with the paint scheme was early WWII German uniform with Uruk-Hai skin tones, darker for the bigger creatures and more red for the Goblins.  The idea behind this was I wanted a force that looked like a crack military unit rather than the more comical approach Orcs/Orks tend to receive these days and I think it has worked out pretty well.  For my part I added the odd highlight here and things like the energy lights, grit and grime, blood work and the basing, just things to finish them off.  I'm really happy with how these turned out and I'm looking forward to getting them onto the table for a few games (maybe even a campaign).

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Forces of Nature: Giant Owl, Pan and Treelings

A quick update on Amy's Forces of Nature army, first up we have a Giant Owl and a Giant Faun or Pan miniature.  The Owl is from Otherworld miniatures while Pan is an old Harlequin Doctor Who miniature (which she wanted after seeing one in my DW collection):

Next up we have some Treelings or Dryads from Foundry:

Coming up next from Amy will be a Forest Troll I believe.

Kingdom Death: Monster

Around a month ago we finally made the choice to start playing Kingdom Death: Monster after the arrival of the 1.5 version of the game (even though we backed the first Kickstarter campaign).  What can I say, we've never gamed this much before, it's horrendously difficult and unforgiving and oh so addictive.  The world Adam Poots has created is a true nightmare which you play through in an almost story like fashion, reading the rule book only when events or triggered in game.
Though we have watched a few play through's in order to get a grasp of the rules (the ones from Beasts Of War and Hit Points Gaming are well worth a watch, links below) you can never really prepare for the game.

Our first campaign didn't start well with two survivors only making past the prologue White Lion only then to be followed by rolling for the lowest population at the settlement phase and then having a full party wipe on the ensuing level 1 White Lion fight.  That was the end of that settlement.  However we started right back up again and with grim determination we've now made it to the Watcher (who we should be fighting over Easter) and though we haven't actually lost a monster or nemesis fight that's not to say we haven't had our share of death and misfortune, in fact I'd say more than our fair share!  Come what may with the Watcher, as we don't have a Twilight Sword, we're already looking forward to our next settlement and how we can develop it differently using different principle and going after different armour sets.
Meanwhile as we've been playing the game I've been building the required monster and survivors which has kept me rather busy.  The game isn't wysiwyg and instead survivors are built when you've made a specific build you enjoy or after a daring feat or a certain monster is taken down by said survivor etc.  Here's everything I put together so far but this barely scratches the surface of the kits you receive in the game:

 White Lion
 Screaming Antelope
 Phoenix (with a survivor for scale)
 The Watcher
 Gold Smoke Knight
 The Nemesis'; The Butcher; The Hand; The Kingsman

 The Starting Survivors
 Intimacy Couple; Troy and Wade
 Old Survivor
 Riddick (who became Vinny), Figwinn and Gabrielle (who became Rene)
Cecil, Willow, Brent (who became Burt) and Michael (who became Gabriel)
Juan Garcia who received the Kings Curse

The game isn't easy, it's not cheap, it can be very stressful at times but would I recommend it?  Absolutely!