Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Stargate Gaming

It's been a little while since I posted anything but I haven't been idle (plus there was a rather splendid two week holiday in the Lakes during that time as well) and have been working through my Stargate miniatures.
I picked the Jaffa up for this a few years ago at Sheffield Triples and have been slowly adding to the collection from a variety of companies until I'm now at the point where the bug to get them done has taken me.  So far I've been working on the Jaffa and just finished up all the standard troops this morning with the First Primes and heavy gunners next:

 Batch one with the base coat done

Batch one completed 

Batch two completed - as you can see I have two different types of Jaffa which will allow for three way games 

Batch three W.I.P. 

Batch three completed and the First Primes and heavy gunners set to go

I'll post again once I have finished the Primes and gunners with a bit more about them as one of the Primes and the gunners are actually old official miniatures where as the second prime is a minor conversion by me.