Thursday, 9 October 2014

Progress report on the Deadzone building project

Just a quickie today, which is more images than words this time, on my progress with the Deadzone terrain.

Anyway, enough with the words and on to the pictures:

A quick trip to Halfords (well not so quick as we ended up at the pub, as you do) and I was prepped for spraying

This was the first time I had used Halfords sprays but you can colour me (ha-ha) impressed, great coverage and the choice of colours was eye opening

Now to the next phase of building, the Star Port.  As usual I sketched out what I wanted first and once I had checked I had enough parts I got cracking.

The Defence Tower, the quad gun on top was something I borrowed from Tyler Schulz on Facebook so kudos to him for that

This is how the Tower breaks down into sub buildings

Here's the landing platform with comms tower

Again the breakdown of buildings

 Finally what you can do when they combine

Next I'll be moving on to the ruined sprue and hopefully I'll bring you pictures of that with some completed paint jobs on the other buildings.