Friday, 31 March 2017

Painting Star Wars Armada: X Wings Batch 2

This morning I just finished up the marking on my second batch of markings which means that all the ones from the starter sets are now completed.

Next up I'll be finishing off the TIE Fighters from the second starter set before moving on to the expansion packs.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Painting Star War Armada: Flight of X Wings

I have just completed one starter sets worth of X Wings this morning, again they're only painted basically but I think do the job and I've enjoyed working on them.  Time for batch number two!

Monday, 20 March 2017

Painting Star Wars Armada: X Wing Update

Just a little update for today as I painted a test scheme on an X Wing fighter this morning.  I'll be varying the markings on these so I'll end up with four different 'wings' of squadrons from the two starter sets I have.

To paint these I gave them a watered down base coat of Off White that was followed by a watered down black wash before dry brushing them in Off White.  I then picked out the engines in Gun Metal, the droid in Silver then topped with either Mechrite Red, Mordian Blue or Knarlac Green (I need to go over these in a brighter colours as they not really showing at the moment), the intakes in Matt Black, the exhausts in Mechrite Red then a dab of Fiery Orange and then finally the markings in Blood red and the old foundation Yellow.
As I've never painted anything at this scale I'm not sure how detailed I should go (without driving myself insane) so any feedback would be very much appreciated, I've scaled the photo so when you click on it it should roughly be at it's actual size.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Painting Star Wars Armada

One project over a new one to begin and the start of this one came about quite out of the blue (milk?).  First came the excellent Star Wars project from Akula over on the Lead Adventure forum with his 1/2256 scale ships, which is an inspiring read, but the tipping point was Rogue One as I came out of that film with the need to play Star Wars space battles.
It was at this point I started looking into what was available out there, obviously I was aware of X-Wing and Armada and for me there was never really any doubt about which scale of ships I'd be going for because who doesn't want to fly a Star Destroyer!  However what was possibly more important was the rule set to be used, I'd seen games of X-Wing and I didn't like the rules so automatically ruled out both it and Armada thinking they'd both be pretty much the same so my next stop was Full Thrust.  Now Full Thrust is a mighty fine rule set I've looked into before and I thought that it would be perfect for this (which it would be) but in the mean time my starter set for Armada arrived so I gave the rules a quick flick through and I must say I was thoroughly impressed.  Simple rules where the complexity comes through how you equip your fleet and victory relies on your long term tactical planning thanks to the command dials.

Fast forward a month and I was now in possession of the entire range for Armada (with multiples where "needed", in for a penny in for a galactic credit chip as they say) getting plenty of games in and thoroughly enjoying learning the rules.  One of the big things going for Armada, for me at least, is the quality of the pre-paints for the capital ships however I'm not too keen on identical copies and the squadrons aren't painted at all so it didn't take me long to decide on what was landing on my painting table next.

To start with I've not painted anything at this scale before so didn't want to go too crazy, simple colour changes were the order of the day for my first efforts and though subtle I think they work well enough.

As I have another of each of these ships I may go a little further with my next paint jobs and see how they turn out.

Next it was time to tackle the squadrons starting with the TIE fighthers.  For those not familiar with the miniatures they start out in a dark grey plastic, which is serviceable enough but do let the look of the gaming table down when you have painted capital ships.

Naked TIE Fighter

With the size of the squadrons I'm not planning on doing anything other than a simple basecoat/wash/dry brush with some details which I'm hoping will do the trick and allow me to get through them quickly.

Three finished squadrons

Next up will be another batch of TIE fighters and then on to the X-Wings before moving on to some of the squadron expansion boxes.
It's great being able to paint Star Wars miniatures and I hope you enjoy the project as it goes on.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Project Stargate: Complete

This morning saw the completion of my Stargate project (at least the miniature side of it, I'm now creating casts for 7TV so we can get gaming) so it was time to take some half decent photos of them all.


Col. O'Neal

Cap. Carter


Daniel Jackson

Gen. Hammond



Goa'uld with First Prime and Jaffa


First Prime


Goa'uld with First Prime and Jaffa


First Prime


Jaffa Heavy Staff Weapons

Gou'uld Larvae transportation

Stargate and D.H.D.

Close up of the Stargate


As always comments and criticism are very welcome.