Monday, 20 March 2017

Painting Star Wars Armada: X Wing Update

Just a little update for today as I painted a test scheme on an X Wing fighter this morning.  I'll be varying the markings on these so I'll end up with four different 'wings' of squadrons from the two starter sets I have.

To paint these I gave them a watered down base coat of Off White that was followed by a watered down black wash before dry brushing them in Off White.  I then picked out the engines in Gun Metal, the droid in Silver then topped with either Mechrite Red, Mordian Blue or Knarlac Green (I need to go over these in a brighter colours as they not really showing at the moment), the intakes in Matt Black, the exhausts in Mechrite Red then a dab of Fiery Orange and then finally the markings in Blood red and the old foundation Yellow.
As I've never painted anything at this scale I'm not sure how detailed I should go (without driving myself insane) so any feedback would be very much appreciated, I've scaled the photo so when you click on it it should roughly be at it's actual size.

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