Thursday, 12 May 2016

Terminator Minatures Game - John Connor and Lt

Before taking a break from Terminator to work on some things for Lord Of The Rings I wanted to finish up the troops for the future war and this meant working on the top man himself, John Connor (and his Lt who is a generic character for the game but can be used to lead the LA assault against Skynet, a scenario from the rule book).

As usual for character miniatures I tried to put a bit more into them then the standard soldiers, particularly in John Connors case.  So with the joys of modern technology I pulled up a shot of him from the film on my phone and did my best to replicate the scarring on his face.  This is the resin version of the miniature and again is was a real joy to paint, lots of crisp detail.

The Lt miniature is a metal cast and lacks the crispness of the Connor miniature but still looks okay when put against the rest of the range.  I did struggle with his face somewhat as it was very rounded so I had to paint the facial features on him but in the end I think he turned out alright.

I still have quite a bit of Terminator stuff to work on (the 1984 set, quite a few versions of Arnie and then the big walker) but with the arrival of my Gundabad Orc army from the painter I'm going to work on their bases and unit bases before moving on to my Fallen Dwarves.


Friday, 6 May 2016

The Fallen Dwarves are here and Azog's Legion

Just a very quick update (and a rather rubbish photo) to say that the Fallen Dwarves have arrived.  Very much looking forward to working on these again so they're being pushed up the painting queue.

Rubbish photo but you get the idea, Fallen Dwarves and lots of them!

If you haven't seen my army as it stands here are a couple of older photos:

Something else that also arrived this week was my Gundabad Orc army which I had sent of to Mally's Miniature Painting ( after I had come to the realisation that if I wanted to start gaming with some of my vast collection I was going to need more than me working on it.  He's done a superb job with them, spot on to the brief, and am hoping to get them into action with Dragon Rampant/KOW soon.

My next post should be of John Connor and his LT for Terminator, then I'll be working on some unit bases for the Orcs and then into the Fallen Dwarves.


Thursday, 5 May 2016

Resistance Soldier Specialists - Terminator Genisys

More Terminator from me now as I finish up on my Resistance soldiers with the specialists:

Again these were a joy to work on, they're so detailed that they virtually paint themselves.  Here's some close up of the individuals, again these are just to a table top standard but even so the sculpts shine through:

 A dog handler for detecting those pesky infiltrators





One thing I forgot to mention previously is just how many extras you get with these kits in the form of heads/weapons/arms etc, you really can go to town with these guys:

That's it for the soldiers and next up I'll be working on John Connor and a LT to add some much needed command structure.  Beyond that I'll be moving back to possibly one of my favourite armies to work on, the Fallen Dwarves, as Anvil Industries are releasing some new miniatures for Miniatures Of The North.