Thursday, 5 May 2016

Resistance Soldier Specialists - Terminator Genisys

More Terminator from me now as I finish up on my Resistance soldiers with the specialists:

Again these were a joy to work on, they're so detailed that they virtually paint themselves.  Here's some close up of the individuals, again these are just to a table top standard but even so the sculpts shine through:

 A dog handler for detecting those pesky infiltrators





One thing I forgot to mention previously is just how many extras you get with these kits in the form of heads/weapons/arms etc, you really can go to town with these guys:

That's it for the soldiers and next up I'll be working on John Connor and a LT to add some much needed command structure.  Beyond that I'll be moving back to possibly one of my favourite armies to work on, the Fallen Dwarves, as Anvil Industries are releasing some new miniatures for Miniatures Of The North.



  1. These are lovely looking minis! Ace brushwork bringing them to life as well.

    1. Cheers Simon, John Connor is shaping up rather nicely right now and I hope to have him finished in the next day or so.