Friday, 6 May 2016

The Fallen Dwarves are here and Azog's Legion

Just a very quick update (and a rather rubbish photo) to say that the Fallen Dwarves have arrived.  Very much looking forward to working on these again so they're being pushed up the painting queue.

Rubbish photo but you get the idea, Fallen Dwarves and lots of them!

If you haven't seen my army as it stands here are a couple of older photos:

Something else that also arrived this week was my Gundabad Orc army which I had sent of to Mally's Miniature Painting ( after I had come to the realisation that if I wanted to start gaming with some of my vast collection I was going to need more than me working on it.  He's done a superb job with them, spot on to the brief, and am hoping to get them into action with Dragon Rampant/KOW soon.

My next post should be of John Connor and his LT for Terminator, then I'll be working on some unit bases for the Orcs and then into the Fallen Dwarves.


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