Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Terminator Miniatures Game - The Resistance and Aerial Hunter Killer

Well it's been longer than I wanted since the last post due to a busy home life recently however I have been soldiering one with the hobby, more particularly the Terminator Miniatures Game, and have quite a few things to show today.

First up we have the Resistance fighters and Kyle Reese.

On first inspection of the unpainted Resistance miniatures they don't exactly look mind blowing but for non-gamers the coloured plastic and snap fit arms are great.  However as soon as you get those first layers of paint on them they start to look really good.  As I was working to a deadline with these, in order to have them fully painted for are first scheduled game, I decided to to keep them to a tabletop standard with perhaps a little extra work on the faces.

For the colour scheme I tried to keep as close to what we had seen in the trailers and in the rulebook but without the actual camo design on their outfits (again a time restraint decision).  As I have now seen the film I'm quite happy with how they've turned out out.

Once I'd finished the troops it was time to tackle Kyle Reese and boy what a miniature he is, Michael Perry has done a superb job with this sculpt as it is instantly recognisable as Jai Courtney.  Obviously I couldn't just give him a tabletop standard paint job so I put a bit of extra effort into him which I think has paid off nicely.

With Kyle painted up that was all my miniatures done for the game (and completed literally an hour before our first game took place) yet I still had the Terminator itch to scratch so onto eBay I went and a few short days later this fellow arrived (though not painted of course):

This was a great kit to put together and paint and is perfectly scaled for the miniatures game.  The real challenge actually came in painting the base as I wanted it to match the game mat and the miniatures' bases as close as possible.  The first thing I had to do was get out the Dremel and remove the T2 logo from the base and then cover where it had been with some of Vallejo's Black Lava, which I also used to add some further texture onto other areas of the base.  Once that was done it was easy enough to colour match the base to the game mat and with a quick spray of mat varnish later it was done.

Finally here is a shot of the Hunter Killer with some T-800s, though the Hunter Killer isn't Genisys movie accurate it still looks great with the other miniatures.

Next up the Resistance are going to need some extra fire-power so I'll be putting together two of the Mantic pickup trucks with HMGs from the Mars Attacks range and at the time of writing the first three characters have just been released for Terminator so they'll be making there way into my collection soon.