Thursday, 26 March 2015

Joker and the Circus Gang

I've been a little quiet on here of late however my current project has finally been completed after a month of working on them (on and off), so I can finally present the Joker and his Circus Gang

I've got to say these have to be my favourite crew for BMG and I'll be looking to expand them later on with some more members.

However to rewind a little, when I first put these to my desk it was evident some work was going to be needed on them before I could get the first lick of paint down.

There were a few sizeable gaps that needed filling, particularly on the Titan Thug as well as on Harley's mid-section and one of the gang members had a forearm which hadn't cast, so I set to work with both traditional Green Stuff and the liquid variety.  After a week of tinkering they were ready for the base coat.

You'll notice I'm using resin bases/base toppers and I do this because I think they really help to give the miniatures that Gotham feel.  The ones I'm using are the Temple Ruins range from Fenris Games but they work well as a decrepit sidewalk.

After I had given the minis the usual Pound Shop black car spray base coat it was on to picking the colour scheme for crew.  I wasn't overly taken with the vanilla prison gear from the games (though there's nothing wrong with it) as I wanted something decidedly more Jokerish.  Luckily I was perusing through the BMG facebook group and found my inspiration, Dan Halstead had just done a crew in Joker colours and it looked great so I headed to the paint box and started to pick out all the required colours.  One thing I wanted to try out this time was not to use washes as much or at all if possible (which I didn't quite manage) and instead use layers to build up the shades and bar the green I thought it went very well.  Unfortunately for the green I just couldn't get it right and ended up re-doing it twice but I'm glad I did as I'm happy with the end results.

Enough of the text now and on to the pictures:

Mr. J

Harley Quinn

Titan Thug


Clown (Shield)


Clown (Knife)




While I was set up to take photos I took the opportunity to retake ones for the other BMG miniatures I had already completed (being much more able to take a half decent photo now), so here they are:


Commissioner Gordon and SWAT Team


The Demon's Head and League of Assassins

That's everything for now, as usual I'd love to hear your comments and criticism.
Next up on the desk will be Penguin and his crew.