Friday, 25 September 2015

All quiet on the miniature front...

Well I haven't had chance to get anything hobby related done recently due to an impending house move and all that entails which is why it has been quiet on here of late so I thought I'd write a quick post just to keep things somewhat up to date with things.
In the last couple of weeks I've received the first part of my Kings Of War KS haul which was basically the rule books and Ronnie the Bard, with further wave one miniatures being shipped out towards the end of next week pending stock.  Then I received a box from Heresy miniatures of the gang I ordered for use in Necromunda, Andy was having a sale to celebrate the slaying of his Dragon miniature (a very loose term considering it's size) which I took advantage of.  Next up was a great little package which although only contained one miniature it's one I've been waiting for, a Navigator from the Dune universe which will be added to my mountain of Dune miniatures waiting to be worked on.  Then came the next batch from the Terminator miniatures game, namely the deluxe play mat, both sets of special/heavy weapon Terminators and last but not least Arnie.  Finally I received my first package from the Kingdom Death KS, now as exciting as this was it did only contain two miniatures and 100 base inserts but all the same the miniatures were gorgeous and I can't wait for the main game to arrive as I foresee many, many hours playing this.
Once I've moved and settled in I'll try and get some photos taken of these and then crack on with some painting (I'm thinking my Enforcers for Deadzone at this point but that may yet change).

Just end this post I though I'd give a shout out to a couple of Kickstarter campaigns I'm currently backing.


A great set of miniatures (I've not checked out the rules though) which have a very old school feel to them, in fact I will be using the Malignancy range for my Genestealer Cult in 40K 2nd Ed and Necromunda.  As of writing this there are just 26 hours remaining so take a peak now while you can.


I've been waiting for this one for three years now, I actually attended the original Warpath launch day back then at the old Mantic offices and collected my Forge Father army (which I still haven't built yet).  Between now and then I've picked up and painted an Enforcer army and a Veer-myn army and all three forces will be receiving additional troops and, more importantly, tanks thanks to the new Kickstarter which will also see two rule books being released for different levels of game play.

Battle Systems: Urban Terrain

I love me some Battle Systems terrain and the new Kickstarter campaign for the urban scenery isn't disappointing.  Useful for things like Stargate, Doctor Who, Mars Attacks, Batman and much more we'll definitely getting good haul from this one.

That's all for now and thanks for reading