Sunday, 31 July 2016

Fallen Dwarves and Gundabad Orcs

I've finally finished my Fallen Dwarves having ben delayed by a backdrop falling on a set of miniatures and breaking all the spears, however one quick purchase and some great help from Anvil Industries and everything was set right.  I cannot express enough how lovely these miniatures are to work on, from the sculpts themselves by Miniatures of The North to the casting from Anvil Industries .  So here are the photos included updated shots of my first batch of miniatures:

And here's any army shot and my first attempt at a video so it's basic but does the job:

While I had the camera out I also took some photos of my Orc army which was painted by Mally's Miniature Painting (check out his blog here, though this army was painted to tabletop standard he can really paint and is due to paint the characters up for this army soon):

Again here's a quick video to give you the army shot:

Next up I'll be putting together the Marauder Faction for Deadzone (which will be making their way to Mally for painting) and then I'm not sure what I'll work on next though I still have some Enforcer to paint for Deadzone which I built just before/during the house move.

Unitl next time