Tuesday, 2 December 2014

A Wargaming Weekend - Part 2

After a good nights sleep and a hearty breakfast we headed into Nottingham for the Mantic open day.  Always a good day out with lots of eye candy and usually a thing or two from Ronnie which he shouldn't have said (the man's as leaky as and old boot).

Waiting for the proverbial doors to open

The man on the door, good old Ronnie welcoming everyone in

There was plenty to do and on display as usual so I'll keep the text short and sweet.
Stuart had a slide show running of work in progress/concept images in the studio section (keep in mind these of photos of a monitor taken at a funny angle).

Enforcer Pathfinder 3D renders:

Veer-myn 3D Renders:

Forge Father 3D renders:

Succubus 3D render:

Deadzone / Warpath concepts:

Possibly the artwork for the Deadzone expansion (Infestation?):

Then there was the miniatures cabinet with some of the studio miniatures along with some new greens:

New Forge Guard and prototype scenery for Deadzone:

Painted 3D print of a Lower Abyssal:

Here are the games/displays that were running through the day:

Incredible Deadzone oil rig by Coop Aka Dale

Great Winged Slasher conversion

Amy playing The Tarot of Loka with Bob Olley

We attended two of the seminars from the day, one with Ronnie and Alessio on Kings of War and then one with Jake Thornton on the games he's designed.  They were insightful as always but I'm afraid hunger got the best of us so we departed before Ronnies final seminar, goody bags in hand in search of a tasty meal and there was really only one place we could end up, this being a wargaming weekend after all.

As always Bugmans provided us with some seriously tasty grub/beer and at very good prices (always puzzled us this one but I assume they want you to send your money on toy soldiers and not burgers)

After grubbing up we went to take a look to see what was left of Warhammer World while it was being redesigned and to be honest there was still quite a bit on show.  However the only products that interest us now from GW are the LOTR and Hobbit ranges which sadly only took up the smallest of spaces behind the counter in the temporary store.  Luckily however one of the staff is a Hobbit player and had some miniatures on display, which actually looked better than the Eavy Metal teams work.

Unfortunately the Osgiliath table was nowhere to be seen but the impressive Goblin town one was.

Display in the store

With this we decided to head on home but I just wanted one more thing before we left...

A brilliant weekend was certainly had by all and we're going to try and organise something similar for next year but before that we'll have Oldhammer Day in August!