Thursday, 8 January 2015

Updated Lord of the Rings army lists for Kings of War

Happy New Year everyone!  Hope you all had a great festive period with much merriment.

This wasn't my planned first post of the new year (which is still to come, including gaming plans and a resolution for 2015 along with all the new purchases) but as this is ready now I thought I'd put it up right away.
Just before Christmas I put more time into the Lord of the Rings army lists for use with the KOW rules (coincidently written by the original SBG author Alessio Cavatore) expanding them to include most of the units available (or formerly available) from GW along with including stat lines for some of the key characters or boosting the ones who were already included to make them feel a little more epic, I also included stat lines for the three Black Captains from the Shadow of Mordor (a great game even if a little shaky on the lore side of things).  I've tried not to make these characters overpowered but if you are looking at these from the Kings of War side of things they very much fall into the 'Kings and Legends' category, so for large games only and the are point costed to reflect this.
Again this is a work in progress and if you end up using these lists any feedback would be appreciated.

Next time we'll cover Dragons (well Dragon), Hobbit/LOTR/oldhammer purchases and Babylon 5!


Edit: Please find the latest list in my recent post.


  1. Hm, actually really interesting. I have some Easterlings and Orks lying around anyway. Maybe I can bring them back...

  2. There's always a use for your miniatures, finding it half the fun (or nightmare) sometimes ;)

  3. Very impressed by the amount of work you out into the army list. Question, does it play better than the WOTR rules? which as we all know really needed an updated official version
    Regards Harfoot

  4. Well I guess that's personal preference but I was never taken by WOTR yet KOW had me from the minute I read it. Some games systems just click with you and others don't, with KOW you can have truly massive games in one afternoon and rarely need to look at the rule book which allows to just enjoy yourself which ticks all the boxes for me.

  5. yes i know what you mean about WOTR, KOW sounds good, i guess you can think more about strategy and not rule mechanics

  6. Thanks for putting this together! We played a Kings of War game over this weekend using your LotR army can be found here: Cheers!

    1. No problem at all, any feedback on the how the lists played would be appreciated.