Monday, 25 May 2015

Penguin and Gang for the Batman Miniatures Game

Another gang in the bag ready for some BMG gaming.  I've got to say that compared to the Joker's gang these were a joy to put together, just the usual gap filling to do as on any metal model but otherwise they went together like a dream.
The only sort of issue I had was with what sort of paint scheme to give them, I liked the Knight Models scheme so based it on that but I had to decide on whether to paint a camo design or not.  Initially I was going to do this but after seeing some of the great paint jobs from the community (over at the Arkham City Limits group on Facebook) which didn't go with camo I decided to save myself some time and go with simple grey gear for them.  The other decision to make was whether to paint Sickle's tattoos, as this is something I hadn't done before, but as he wouldn't look right without them I watched an online tutorial and proceeded to give it a go.  Though not brilliant I'm quite happy with the results for a first attempt.

Now enough with the writing and on to the miniatures:

Though I still have some Batman miniatures to go through I'll be taking a break from them as the impending Terminator Miniatures Game will hopefully be in my hands soon...


  1. Quality mate, look brilliant. let me know what the Terminator game is like as i'm thinking about getting it.

  2. Very nicely done. The crew looks great together. Kudos. :)