Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Terminator Miniatures Game - Endoskeletons

Just a short post today with a few pictures as I managed to complete all the Terminators over the weekend.

These were very easy to put together as well as do some minor converting to add a little (but not too much) variety.

I've read here and there that people weren't impressed by the miniatures and I must say that the coloured plastic doesn't do them any favours in that respect however for those who don't paint it allows them to use them straight out of the box (along with the fact they are snap fit as well).  Once you've got a lick of paint on these the details really start to become apparent and they look spot on.

Finally I was also lucky enough to get hold of a set of resin master of the C3 set of Terminators.  Obviously the detailing on these is outstanding though they are rather fragile for gaming purposes so I'll be picking up their metal equivalents upon their release.

Next time I'll hopefully be putting up some pictures of the Resistance fighters who are currently on my painting table.



  1. Lovely models :)
    They look great man :)

  2. Great job. Looking forward to seeing the resistance.

    1. Thanks chaps, The first eight resistance are nearly done, probably finish that batch over the weekend and I'll post pictures somewhere.