Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Brand new work area and a nice Oldhammer find

As you know I've finally gotten settled down after 6 months away from the hobby due to moving house and doing up the new place and as I know some people like to see people's hobby areas I thought I'd share some pictures of our new set up for those interested.

Same old table but a nice new daylight lamp which is working wonders

Mine and Amy's work space, added a third table in the middle which is great for storing paints and other bits and pieces but also an ideal place for taking photographs due to the lighting

The all important stereo for audio books (currently on Conan) and the wall of Who

Miniature displays (we have much more storage space in the new house to display our collections now), Kickstarter art prints and various games

The second hobby room which is mainly for storage of everything we've yet to start on

As well as yet more display space

Downstairs we have the gaming tab.... ahem... dining table (we have mdf boards to go on top to make up to a 8x4 table) and yet more displays, though this time it's more scenery and just out of view all the rule books

Next we have a nice bit of Oldhammer (as you know I love some 2nd Ed 40k due to it being what got me into wargaming all those years ago), I was lucky enough to find these at the Bring and Buy at Vapnartak and got them at a rather incredible price.

There's not much to do to these to get them back into tip top condition and I just need to add a vehicle or three and I think they'll be set as an army.

The next blog will be up shortly and cover what I've been painting this last week, Terminators.



  1. That's a lovely hobby set-up you have there, well done.

    Makes me kind of envious, I've just recently had to switch rooms to make a larger family room. Now storage for hobby supplies has become something of a problem.

  2. Replies
    1. The great thing is it's every bit a women cave as well (I'm a lucky fella).