Tuesday, 12 April 2016

If you're reading this you are the Resistance - Terminator Genisys

I've just finished my next batch of miniatures for the Terminator: Genisys miniatures game, namely the resin Resistance soldiers.  These are fantastic miniatures with so much detail and though I've only done them to a table top level you could really go to town on them.

Two soldiers caught during their cigarette break 

Time to even the odds against the Terminators 

Some of the great poses you can make from the miniatures 

 Two men willing to do whatever it takes to bring down Skynet

Now for a nice option that comes on the sprue, Terminator Infiltrator heads (so the Resistance don't get all the love)

Though I do have more Terminator miniatures to go through I'm going to have a break from these and put together something I've been waiting for, Tevari Tala Riders from Macrocosm miniatures which will be joining my 2nd Ed 40k Eldar army and Exodite Dragon Knight Riders.
Here's a sneak peak of them on my desk at the moment.

Lastly it will be Salute this coming weekend, something we've always wanted to go to but it's always been difficult to attend.  Well not this year, in a last minute decision we've decided to drive there and back on the day making an 8 hours journey overall, hardly ideal and possible slightly nuts but we'll have all of Sunday to recover and it should be well worth it.

Until next time...

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