Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Updated Lord Of The Rings army lists for KOW v2

Just a quick update with the latest version of the LOTR army lists for use with KOW 2.0
This is mainly just some formatting corrections and the addition of new units for the Fallen Dwarves with new miniatures becoming available now/soon.

As usual if you've tried these out let me know what you think.



  1. Hi the list looks really good, I have just started with KOW and plan to use their miniatures but also want to make use of some old lotr ones, just wondering if the four hobbits from the Fellowship would make an appearance and if so how their stats would look? I'm planning on just using the stats for the First Shirriff and maybe boosting Frodo a little, is this something you have ever tried? Also would you ever consider fielding the Fellowship as a unit?

    1. Due to the nature of KOW it would be quite difficult to stat up all the individual characters from LOTR, it is much better suited to the epic battles where hundreds if not thousands of troops clash and only the mightiest of heroes stand out (at least that was my idea going into this. Another rule set I use for LOTR is Dragon Rampant, a smaller scale game but you craft the stat line for each unit and so is very flexable and worth a look.