Monday, 24 April 2017

Salute Haul

Another great trip to Salute and another haul to look through (though we were a bit more restrained this year:

This year's bounty

New offerings from World of Twilight

AVP 2.0 upgrade set

A good selection of 4Ground buildings bought with an eye towards the upcoming game but also to double as Bree or for use in Dragon Rampant

Some Snail Walls from Hysterical Games

Some evil dwarfs from Titan Wargames for use as Immortals in my Abyssal Dwarf army

A Tunnel Dweller and Angel from Heresy Miniatures

Two sets of femal Russian Snipers for Amy from Bad Squiddo Games

Two sets of paints from Scale 75 which Amy picked

A selection of bits a pieces need for the hobby and some Seaweed Snacks from Hasslefree (these were tasty)

The contents of the Salute goody bag (including a very handy female Russian banner bearer for Amy)


  1. Good haul mate, if I knew you had that much money i'd have mugged you ;)

    1. I'll be on the look out next time ;)