Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Returning to 40k - 2nd and 8th Edition

The end of one project means the start of something new or in this case something old.  As I'm sure you're aware Games Workshop has a new edition on 40k coming out next week which has certainly caught my attention, a simplification of the rules which leads to fast game play and not the constant checking of rule upon special rule that it had descended into the last time I played a current version.
So with the new edition coming out (and of course the new miniatures that come with it, which yes I have indulged in somewhat, new Death Guard... what can I say) and Oldhammer weekend fast approaching, where we're hoping to get a game or two of 2nd Edition in on the Friday, I thought it was time to take out my 40k armies and get them up to scratch.

First up on the block was a couple of my original Chaos miniatures whose paint jobs haven't really stood the test of time.

The head honcho, I always loved the Black Legion

Back before there where Chaos vehicles I converted this predator to be possessed with a Nurgling infestation and was based off a vehicle which was in the 2nd edition codex

This past weekend both of these received a bath of Meths to remove the old paint jobs and boy did I used to slap it on thick back in the day!
You'll see the progress for both of these when I start my Chaos army but first I wanted to work on the armies which I've picked up in the last couple of years, the Orks and Eldar, both of which have nice old school paint schemes that just need a bit of TLC to make them table ready again.
First up on the table are the Orks, these Goffs have been dusted off (quite literally) and the gloss red parts anti-shined.

Goffs from the second edition boxed game along with converted Black Orcs I think, which work very well, and metal Nobz in power armour (former Bosses)

More of the same but all these together should make quite a good Mob

The name of the game here isn't to change the paint scheme at all as I love the work that has been done on them however over time they've had the odd chip here and there as well as a few of them not looking completely finished so I'll be touching them up and finishing them off which should be a relatively quick job before I move onto my Eldar army.
I'll keep updating my blog as each unit is finished before taking a nice army shot of them all at the end.

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  1. Black Legion have always been the definitive image of Chaos in 40k for myself, and that guy looks like he could rock a battlefield to the core.

    Also a really nice conversion on the tank.