Friday, 13 October 2017

Warhammer 40K: Ork build done! Now on to painting...

A certain amount of satisfaction was felt this morning as I finished building the last bits for my Ork project and though the painting is still to come (and I'm no speed painter) it felt good to look at the finished vehicles at last.

First up we have the last Battlewagon, a kit bash between a Rogue Trader Blood Angel Predator, a modern Ork Deffrolla, a with a gunner from the Ork Dreadnought, some Gorkamorka bits and finally some Ramshackle guns and a bit of plasticard.

Then we have the completed jet bikes/Deffkoptas, not much was need to finish them off except basing but due to their size I decided to pick up some brass rod and 60mm bases to ensure stability on the table top.

The key thing I wanted to achieve with these was a sense of movement and speed which I think has worked quite well and I can't wait to see them bombing (quite literally) towards their enemies lines!

This last bike was the heavily kit bashed one from random bits and pieces and I don't think I've showed how bulky it actually is so here's a few shots.

Next up I'll be getting them sprayed on Sunday and then it's on to the painting.


  1. Oi stop slackin' and getta paintin' or it's cleanin' da Drop for u!.. Ahem, I mean good work bud!