Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Kingdom Death

It's been a little quiet here of late as I've taken a break from painting Conan as we've finally taken the dive into Kingdom Death!  I've been charting the build progress over on instagram (https://www.instagram.com/crucium.giger/) but I will do some proper photos of the finished builds once I have enough of them.
I must say I'm really enjoying putting these together and have just put together the first miniature based off an in game character who earned to be immortalised.  I do intend on painting these at some point but we rather like the colour of the plastic as it fits the game aesthetic rather well (which I'm sure was intentional).

Riddick with Rawhide Set and newly acquired  Butcher's Cleaver , he had just destroyed his Bone Axe defeating the Butcher but was rewarded rather well


  1. There are some fab figures amongst the KD range I must admit.

    1. I know they're not for everyone but as someone who enjoys building minis the most they are fantastic (though they can test your sanity when gluing a forearm together before attaching a separate hand).

    2. Are they very fine? Could they be pinned?

    3. A lot of the pieces are jointed so I'm not sure how well you'd do however people do magnetise them so it should be possible.