Monday, 31 October 2016

Conan by Monolith Games

The finally arrived when Conan (wave one) landed at our doors and oh what a day.  The box was large and heavy and it contained some fantastic miniatures which will not only be used for the game itself but will also be used for the RPG by Modiphius and due to the amount of miniatures received games of Conan Rampant are not out of the question.
I'm keeping the text to a minimum and will let the photos do the talking so without further ado (I've kept the photos larger than usual so you can hopefully see a bit more)...

The Big Box

The game box and contents 


 There is another tray of 'minions' which in my excitement I forget to photograph

The stretch goals box and contents

The add on boxes

The guest artist boxes

As you can see that is quite the horde however this is not it all and a second wave of miniatures is due next year which will comprise all of the expansions, I can't wait!


  1. So much awesome. I "only" got the King's pledge, but still, I'm really in love with this game.

    Will you paint them all?

    1. That's my intent, though I'll probably do a few at a time so I don't burn out on them.