Monday, 24 October 2016

Latest Arrivals

Just a quick post to cover a couple of latest arrivals that warrant a post of their own.

First up is the re-print of the classic board game, Escape From Colditz.  I don't know about you bu I played many a game of this when I was a younger lad and loved it, hopefully the game hasn't lost any of it's appeal with the passage of time.  One thing I will say right now is that the box and presentation of the game is top notch, plenty of time and effort has gone into making this something worth having.

The second arrival was another beauty, the Dropship from Aliens for the AvP game.  It looks like this will be getting some manner of rules in an upcoming expansion which is planned which will certainly be interesting to see.


  1. While I still have the first edition Colditz game I am very interested in the drop ship. And very much look forward to seeing more.