Monday, 17 July 2017

Warhammer 40k: Green Skin Expansion

More progress on the Ork army and some new acquisitions to report on today.

First up the last of the Orks from the Bring and Buy have now been polished up and finished off:

Kommandos - Either to run as a separate unit or to bulk out the unit to ten

Some Gretchin from the 2nd Edition boxed game along with a Runtherd, ideally I'd have about 20 more of these to make them effective but these will do for now  

Next up we have a unit of Nobs on Warbikes which I picked up from eBay, the paint job on these is what caught my eye and they only needed a little TLC (some repairs and some arms removed that where at very strange angles) and then new bases sorting for them:

 Probably the most eye catching unit in the army, let's just hope they are as good on the battlefield

Now for the new buys which will be joining the army.

Heavy weapon Orks which will be joining the Deffskulls as Lootas 

A 2nd Edition Dreadnought which was an impluse buy from eBay (and was put together this morning) along with the Looted Wagon from a few posts ago, now stripped down ready for re-assembly

I'm hoping to get the Deffskulls and Dreadnought sprayed up tonight so I can get cracking on them while the Looted Wagon is going to take a little longer.


  1. Seeing your orks made me a bit moody as I look fondly back to the good old days 😁.
    Nice show, your colours are very 2nd edition, back when 40k was still a bright place (with less skulls).

    1. Second edition was my entry point to the game so I love the colour schemes.

  2. Cheers, I'm just restoring these to their former glory but it was seeing their paint scheme which drew my eye to them in he first place. With a little TLC these really shine now.

  3. I've never seen more than one oldskool Nob Bike at once! That's a great looking unit! They're so hard to get a hold of too! This is an amazing looking army.

    1. Cheers, I managed to get them for a decent price and with very little work to do on them. Love them on the table top too.