Thursday, 6 July 2017

Warhammer 40k - Orky Progress

It's been a little longer than planned for this update (thanks again Photobucket) however I have not been idol, most of the Ork force is now finished with only two units to finish off then I'll take a look and the Nob Bikes and the Looted Tank.
Again just to reiterate this army was bought painted and it was the old school paint scheme that sold them to me (and the price too, great bring and buy find) so all I wanted to do was clean them up, they were covered in dust, then just give the paint jobs a little TLC before varnishing them up.  Now the TLC ranged from fixing the various chips in the paint to, in some cases, quite a bit of re-painting but if I've done a decent job you shouldn't notice this.  I also acquired another Nob in Power Armour to bring the squad up to five and it was a lot of fun painting him up in the old style.

Sorry for the quality of some of the photos, the natural lighting has been terrible lately being very hazy but I didn't want to wait any longer to get the photos done and up.

Goff Warboss

Goff Nobs in Power/Mega Armour

Goff Boss Nob

And here he is with his Boyz



Deff Skull Lootas

Bad Moon Warboss in Mega/Power Armour

Weird Boy



Bad Moon Boyz 


  1. Absolutely love this army. So inspirational. It makes me get all fidgety and excited looking at it!

    Love the variety of models on display. The old RT heavy boy in the Lootas. The Black Orcs in the Goffs.

    The painting it spot on. Love the vibrancy.

    1. Cheers Curis, working on these has taken me right back to when I use to play 40k on the carpet behind the sofa, lots of fun.

  2. Absolutely brilliant work! This army really strikes a cord with me as actually looking like one that would be in a cabinet of a 90s GW. The mix of models from 1st & 2nd edition and the conversions like the Black Orcs really add to the whole look. Excellent!

    1. Thanks, second edition is where I started out so these are the paint jobs I grew up with and always strike a chord with me when I see other people's.