Wednesday, 28 November 2018

New Project: Chaos Space Marine Armies (Black Legion and Death Guard)

It's been some time since I last posted but I've been away on a rather nice holiday along with a few other real life things which came up however all has not been quiet at the hobby desk!  In fact I would say I've been rather productive as I dived head first into my Chaos Space Marine armies for 40K.  As usual there's a definite old school feel to the armies as I'm using some of my favourite miniatures from when I first collected the Heretic Astartes but this doesn't mean they are limited to just older minis, in fact they'll be a range of minis included from Forgeworld all the way through to the brand new Blackstone Fortress game.

So here's a break down on how the build has gone, it started with a large box of mainly metal bits which I had tremendous fun routing through, and ended up a rather nice looking force.

I've now got around half of this undercoated and as soon as the weather improves I'll get the rest done too.  What remains to be built are a squad of the Hounds of Abaddon (Khorne Berzerkers kitbashed from AOS minis) along with some current CSM vehicles, a whole host of Forgeworld goodies and all the new Death Guard minis.

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