Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Wood Elves and Dungeon Saga

Time for another update from Amy's painting table and as usual she's been very busy.

First up we have a couple of characters for her wood Elf army from Kings Of War, a King on Dragon and a mounted Mage.

Then to change up what she was painting she opted to dive into Dungeon Saga again, painting up the minions from the first expansion as well as some of the heroes and epic heroes (the leveled up versions of the characters from the core game) and then the big bad Undead Demon.

Undead Minions

Halfling Theif

Halfling Warrior (!?)

And just to show how small these guys really are here's a size comparison with the barbarian.

Epic Wizard

Epic Ranger

The Big Nasty, Ba'su'su

She's still working on more heroes for Dungeon Saga so they'll be another update soon.

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