Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Warhammer 40K: Orks Finished! Warbikes, Wartrakk, Shokk Attack Gun and more...

So here we are, after a surprise find at a Wargames show a couple of years back and several impulse buys on trade groups and eBay that came after, I've finally finished my second edition Ork army (well nearly all second edition, as I'm playing 8th Ed with them a few non 2nd Ed units have found their way into the army).

If you've been following the progress of this army you'll know it's mainly been about taking existing paint jobs and bringing them up to a decent table top standard yet retaining that 2nd Ed feel.  In some cases this has meant that only a small amount of titivation (colour matching and highlights generally) was needed while in other cases a total repaint ended up happening.

First up we have a Mek Boy with Shokk Attack Gun with his Snotling ammo.  I wasn't intending on having one of these but he came in a batch of Orks I picked up and unfortunately he was one of the worse paint jobs I've worked on so he ended up getting a total repaint however I'm quite happy with the end results.

Next we have a Wartrakk which only needed a small amount of work to bring it up to table top standard.

The Warbikes are next, another cheap Wargames show purchase.  they did need quite a bit of work doing on them but I remembered to take a 'before' shot of one of the bikes so you can see the difference.  As they already had blue fuel tanks I decided to keep the blue scheme rather than the normal red, Deffskull bikers right?

Most of the bikes I have picked up had blue tires even though they are form different sources, does any one know what the precedence might be for this? 

Finally we have a modern Ork Bomma which I really like the look of and fits in great with the Ramshackle Deffkoptas.  Very little work was required on this, just some washes on the metal and touching up the white as well as work on the base which was untouched.

A rusted pile of Ork detritus made of spare parts from Ramshackle's Jet Bikes and a tester for me when I come to paint the Death Guard weaponry

So there we have it, a finished project (well for now anyway, we all know a project is never truly finished), so what's next I here you say?  Well I'm going back to my first gaming love, the army that took my soul and offered it up to the gaming gods, Chaos Space Marines. 

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