Wednesday, 21 April 2021

Warhammer 40k: Fabius Bile's Enhanced Marines

For my next elite unit I wanted to tackle Fabius Bile's Enhanced Marines from 1998 as they were not miniatures I originally owned.

I must admit the sculpts didn't really excite me however once I started to paint them up (particularly the faces) they really began to grow on me and now I think they make a great center piece elite unit for the army.

In game terms I'll be using these as Veterans and if Mr. Bile makes an appearance he can also have his way with them!

Somewhat unfortunately this is the first unit where I didn't have all the original parts so had to sub in some modern arms and weapons however saying that they don't look too out of place so I'm not disappointed.

I've already started work on my next unit which sees me take another dip into 3rd Edition for Raptors.

This won't be the last 3rd Ed unit as I have some Noise Marines in the wing but both fit nicely into the 2nd Ed aesthetic.  This is due, I believe, because the sculpts were based on art create during 2nd Ed and some of which appears in the Codex.

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