Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Deadzone - Plague paint scheme test

Just a small post today, I finally managed to paint something other than scenery for the first time in months and I selected the Plague faction from Deadzone, more specifically the limited Stage 1 from the Kickstarter campaign.

More images below

Instead of the fleshy look Mantic went for I took inspiration from Mass Effect husks, I always loved the look of them and thought something similar could work well with the Plague.  I'd love to get feedback on this so let me know your thought below.

When Roger woke up this morning he just knew it was going to be one of those days...

For my next post I'll be to be putting up my Lord of the Rings army lists for Kings of War.



  1. very nice mate well done i like it the only complain I have is blood, no blend or highlights, simple wash would help to make it more believable (?) its one flat colour, but seriously it is great looking painting

    1. Thanks and I know the blood is lacking so I'm going to get some tamiya clear red and hopefully that will do the trick.