Sunday, 23 November 2014

World of Twilight - Kickstarter Unboxing

They'll be a slight deviation to the scheduled blog post today due to a delivery I received this week from Twilight Miniatures for their World of Twilight kickstarter.

Two boxes jammed full of miniatures and more

I must admit that I'd had my eye on this miniatures range for quite a while, mainly due to the stylistic influence from Froud and Henson that I saw in them (I'm a massive Dark Crystal nut) and I'd even downloaded the then two rule/scenario books.  The game was simple yet refreshingly different with the use of combat stones rather than handfuls of dice being something I really liked and felt added to the feeling that the miniatures and artwork created of an otherworldly place much like, you guessed it, The Dark Crystal.  Your average fantasy game this isn't.

Anyaral, the setting for  World of Twilight.  This is the beautiful map which came as part of the KS reward and will soon be framed and hung

Now as much as I've prattled on about The Dark Crystal this game really is it's own thing with a rich background and story which weaves it's way through the now three (thanks to the KS) rule/scenario books.  Also if you make your way to the forums you can find posts which detail the history, ecology, politics and much more.

Now on to the contents of the boxes and the miniatures and paraphernalia that were waiting within.  Firstly each set of miniatures was bagged and labelled with the components all sub-bagged making checking through everything exceedingly easy.  It was obvious a lot of care had gone into packing the boxes which meant everything arrived safe and sound.  As for the casts themselves, you couldn't ask for better, there are barely any mold lines or flashing which means minimal clean will be required if at all.  This is actually the first time I've had the miniatures in hand and the sculpts are delightful, they ooze character and will be a joy to paint.

Now onto the miniatures and I'll let the pictures talk for themselves:

Gil Marsharl, KS exclusive (in resin)

The Fubarnii Empire

The Devanu

The Delgon

The book and gaming aids

A selection of the unit cards

Quick reference sheet and postcard

Branded template

Coloured resin combat stones

Coloured resin initiative counters, metal combat stones, dice and bag

Now all that's left is for me to to fit these in my painting schedule!



  1. Wow that does look good. Dam the lack of money that stopped me getting into this one. It all looks amazing shall look on with envy as you get yours painted!

    1. I can tell you I had a big smile on my face when I was going through all this, the level of quality over everything is outstanding.