Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Lord of the Rings army lists for Kings of War

A couple of posts ago I promised to put up the army lists that I have created to play mass battle Lord of the Rings games using Mantic's Kings Of War Rules (freely available here: and so here they are:

Edit: Please find the latest list in my recent post.

The lists are very much a work in progress and not all units or characters are included yet so I would very much like to hear any feedback or suggestions.  This is particularly the case for the main heroes as Kings Of War is very much a game of massed units and not of all powerful characters, though the Kings and Legends book did give us a selection of these for each army.  It is from this book that I have based characters like Gandalf, Aragorn etc. to give them the more epic feel that they had in the books/movies however it is difficult to get the right balance and not making them overpowered or over/under-costed.  The only changes we have made to the Kings Of War rules are allowing units to change formation (costing a full movement and done around the centre point of the unit) and the Elite and Vicious rules now allow a re-roll of half the failed rolls rounding down.

We've been playing with these rules and army lists for a good long while now, tweaking as we go, and they seem to be playing well.  Just as an example last weekend we had a massive game on an 8x4 table, putting as much as we could into play.  Not exactly in keeping with the lore I grant you but a lot of fun (well not so much for me as I was trying to get the rules into some form that I could post up but Amy and my cousin were having a ball).  Here's a few pictures from the proceedings:

The armies are deployed

Gandalf  leads the warriors of Gondor

"Move it you filthy maggots"

The armies advance and battle is commenced

The Ents march forth

The field of play at the end, a bloody affair that resulted in a draw but with the forces of Sauron almost gaining the upper hand

Thanks for reading and again I'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.



  1. Interesting I may have to check out those KoW rules...