Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Wargaming Weekend: Part 1 BOYL (Oldhammer weekend)

This past weekend was our third trip to the Bring Out You Lead event, otherwise known as the Oldhammer Weekend.  Now there are already a good deal of blogs out there which document the weekend thoroughly with some really great photos (try checking out Tony's blog post https://shadowking-shadowkings.blogspot.co.uk/2017/07/oldhammer-boyl-2017.html and James' https://gonzohistorygaming.blogspot.co.uk/2017/07/boyl-2017-trip-report.html) so instead I took a some shots of the big tables that were set up for the weekend, Helsreach and Heldenhofen, and then focused on a couple of games we played on Friday and Saturday.

The BOYL 2017 photo

First up we have the table of the weekend for me, Helsreach.  The main games on here were some form of narrative Necromunda game and then also a jetbike race and Grox herding!  The table was a great mix of Mad Max, Fallout and Star Wars for me and I spent a lot of time just watching the games and spotting all the little details which were dotted throughout the board. 

One of the jetbikes which I fell in love with, once I was back home I ordered a batch of them from Curtis at Ramshackle Games for my Ork army, they are going to make great Deffkoptas

A fantastic walker made from a Buzz Lightyear toy of all things

Now for the Heldenhofen table which hosted games of Snotling Hopping, Bier Bowl and a Giant Slaying competition amongst others.

The original plan for Friday's game was to book a table for a game of 2nd ed 40k using my Ork and Eldar armies however with the surprise which has been 8th edition and the unexpected expansion of the Ork army I haven't managed to get around to finishing off the Eldar army.  So we decided to have a game of 8th ed (heresy I know) with the armies we'd been using so far, my Orks and Amy's Necrons.
To keep things simple we just played for kill points rather than objectives so we through a little bit of scenery down and faced the armies off.

Orks staring down the Necron gun line

The Goff Boyz were ready to break some shiny heads

Bad Moons ready for the charge

The stoic Necrons keeping their distance and taking aim

A bit of extra mobile fire power down the centre line

Turn one and the Weird Boy 'Da Jumps' the Meganobz right in front of the Immortals

The Boys and Warboss advance trying to get the distance down between them and the Metal 'Eadz

The Goffs and Weird Boy advance on the Necron line

Unfortunately it was all for nought as in a flurry of action the Flayed ones dropped the squad down to the Nob

This was repaid by the Nob and Warboss seeing of the Flayed ones in one fell swoop, though it would prove too little too late for the Goffs

The Goff Boyz, dead before the could even get into the fight

Meanwhile the Meganobz had taken a the Immortals with little loss and had their sights set of the Necron unit just below them

At the same time The Bad Moons advanced through cover while the Meganobz took the brunt of of the Necron firepower

It still wasn't going well for the Goffs, the Nob had finally been taken down so the Warboss decided to leg it towards the closest Necron Unit...

Only to be shot down in a blaze of fire

The Weird Boy went nuts and charged the Destroyer which he could have potentially destroyed however he didn't cause a scratch so the Destroyer later fell back and let a Necron unit finish him off

Now the other flank was looking much batter with three charged all about to happen

And those Boyz can really fight up close, the Bad Moons suffered some loses however they all now had their eyes on the Necron Boss

To try and save the other flank the Kommandos came out of hiding and attempted to charge the other squad of Necron Warriors, however both charge attempts failed and then they were wiped out in the Necron turn

Right flank was still going strong after having taken out the Big Shiny 'Un, the Boyz were looking to take out the Destroyer while the Warboss and Meganobz had just caught a glimpse of  the other Necron Unit but time was up and the battle had ended in a draw.

After the game we had a wander round to see what games were being played and a group was playing a version of Advanced Heroquest, so we pulled up chairs and watched the rest of the game being played out.  They were then kind enough to offer us a chance to play on the Saturday morning which we were more than happy to take them up on.

A group of hardy dungeon adventurers

The adventurer's head off to investigate missing Dwarf miners

The first room yielded... DUM DUM DUM... an empty cupboard

However upon leaving the room we were ambushed by Skaven and it didn't go well for us, the Elf had to use two Fate points in order to stay alive before we finally saw them off

We carried on exploring and came across a room with an unconscious Dwarf surrounded by more filthy vermin.  We saw them off and revived the Dwarf who then joined our party 

After our first encounter we kept a close formation so as not to be taken off guard which worked well for us

Another large room filled with rats but more interestingly a treasure chest and torture rack

We cleared the room and gave it a thorough searching and left much heavier of pocket, just what a good adventurer wants

Our final room of the session, the Skaven were once again cleared out (the group had obviously found it's stride) and we came away with a good amount of gold each

I've only ever played Advanced Heroquest once or twice many moons ago so didn't really recall it much but we had an absolute blast so thanks to the lads for letting us play.

Saturday was going to be our last day at BOYL as we were heading to Warhammer World for the Sunday, not having been since the refurb but more on that in my next post.  As usual the event was great to attend with plenty of wargames chat during the event and back at pub afterwards.  Thanks to the Ansells for hosting us, Garth for organising the event and giving us a lift back to Newark on Friday, Paul for the lift back on Saturday and Tony for another great picture to go on the wall.
We're already looking forward to next year and hopefully I'll have two Oldhammer armies to take by then.


  1. Two armies by next year?! Every year I vow to paint a new old of old miniatures, and it hasn't come to pass yet. Best of luck to ya.

    1. I'm determined this time, get the Orks finished then on to Eldar and then on to Chaos Space Marines (that still leaves Tyranids and Necrons to do).

  2. Just dropped in, following an Oldhammer search on Google and now I have my own blog - I can even leave a comment or two. Nice posts, good luck with the armies.

    1. Cheers Paul, looking forward to your blog.