Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Wargaming Weekend: Part 2 Warhammer World

After a good breakfast on the Sunday morning we set off to Warhammer World for our first visit since the refurb where we would meet up with my cousin.  We expected to be couple of hours before grabbing some food in Bugmans and heading off home, instead we were there all day and could have been there longer.
First up we had a look around the GW shop which of course lead to some purchases but also many a minute staring at the Lord of the Rings/Hobbit displays.  Before we knew it dinner time called so we grabbed a hearty lunch before heading to the Forge World shop.  Again purchases were made (that place is temptation incarnate, I'm sure I could he my wallet screaming) before heading back to the GW shop and picking up a few more bits a pieces.
Then it was time for the exhibition, now we were quite reluctant about this with the new charge in pace having already seen the former version of this but oh how we were wrong.  The new exhibition is worth every penny in my opinion, simply breathtaking, I'll let the photos speak for themselves but they really don't do the place justice.
After spending a couple of hours in the exhibition (and we wanted to go through again) it was time for a quick drink and then the journey home.  All told it was a superb weekend shared with some great people all based around wargaming, what more could you want?

Now time for the photos, it would have taken me forever to take photos of everything so I just snapped the things that either caught my eye or where interesting to me and they are sorted chronologically.  I hope you enjoy flicking through these and if you haven't been to Warhammer World yet or in a good while then it is definitely worth at least one trip.

The entrance hall:

Outside Warhammer World:

Inside the GW shop in the Lord of the Rings section:

Entering the exhibition and one of the pieces I remember from my first days of the hobby and what made me collect Chaos all those years ago:

Exhibition Hall 2 Imperium of Man:

A little bit of Oldhammer:

Not sure you can make out the little sign but it says do you remember painting bases like this to which I though I better do as it was only a few days ago ;) 

Exhibition Hall 3 - Utterly jaw dropping, I tried to get as many angles as I could but still missed so much:

My favourite shot from this hall 

Exhibition Hall 3 Xenos:


 The Rogue Trader front cover re-created and expanded

As usual this much hobby has filled me with enthusiasm and I'm powering ahead with my Orks so I'll hopefully have a post up for them soon.

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  1. A magnificent showcase.
    Even though there are so many breathtaking pieces, for some reason the single piece made by Mike McVey, with the Emperor facing Horus over the body of Sanguinius is still the best. Genius in composition and painting.