Thursday, 12 September 2019

Core Space: Crews of the Poseidon, Yamato and Skylark

The last three trader crews for Core Space are done as is all the terrain now which means we'll be playing some games in the near future!

Once again these were painted entirely with the contrast paints and I'm very impressed with how they work and the speed they allow me to paint at.  Going forward I'll be painting a good deal of the PVC Kickstarter minis with these as well as using some in my day to day painting (they're great for painting hair, leathers, skin and plasma glows very quickly and look good).

Crew of the Poseidon

Crew of the Yamato

Crew of the Skylark


  1. What colors did you use for the blond hair and the pale yellow on the jumpsuits? Just thinned out Iyanden?

    1. That was the two yellow contrasts paints, Nazdreg works great for blonde hair.