Tuesday, 24 August 2021

Warhammer 40k: Chaos Marine Sorcerer

Another miniature I've been looking forward to painting, one of the three original Chaos Space Marine Sorcerers.

I remember when these were released and this sculpt stood head and shoulders above the other two as he just looked so evil.

That crazy helmet and Chaos star staff, he just oozed what a Chaos Marine should look like.

I never did get around to buying him but when I started picking up pieces for my old school army he was top of the list of miniatures I wanted.  Luckily GW were still selling the same mini many years later (around 5th Edition if I recall) so I picked one up and added to the hoard for later use and here we are now with him all painted up.

As an aside I've got a new camera and it seems to be making a real difference with the image quality but boy it's unforgiving!

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