Monday, 9 August 2021

Warhammer 40k: Rogue Trader Chaos Terminators

When I first got into the hobby in the early stages of second edition there weren't many Chaos Marine miniatures about (or a codex), in fact all you had were the Rogue Trader minis.  This meant that there wasn't much in the way of options when it came to picking up my first unit however once I saw these in their blister packs I knew I had to have them.

Those first Terminator miniatures were unfortunately sold off when my interest waned in the hobby but when I decided to collect a second edition army I knew I had to have these for my Terminators rather than the actual 2nd Ed minis.

The paint job for these is much the same as the rest of the army but I wanted to give these chaps a little extra time due to who they are.
The Captain has some great detail with the bone armour and as he will also be used as a Lord in some games I wanted to give him a Daemon sword rather than a power weapon.  Contrast paints worked great for this and gave it the otherworldly feeling I was after (he really stands out now).

My original Skullface had a power sword and combi-bolter but he's had a bit of a mix up this time getting an autocannon and chain chainfist, for when he gets up close and personal.

The Heavy Flamer has a great flame motif on his shoulder which I painted in red at first but I felt the the balance of the miniature was off so I went over it in gold and he looks much better.

Last up there are a couple of standard termies to round out the unit.

Though they are quite small by modern standards there's still something about these sculpts that hasn't been bettered in my eyes and they've been a real joy to paint.

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