Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Deadzone Marauders

Just a quick update on my Deadzone Marauders which have all been built now.

This is a combination of miniatures from the first Deadzone Kickstarter along with a character from the second.  There were quite a few duplicates overall but luckily I had picked up the conversion set from the first KS (the metal parts you can see) so it was easy to add some variety to them but I also took out my trusty saw and knife and converted a few other miniatures in there, namely one of the captains; the Marauders dual wielding rifles; and the identical goblin snipers.  It was one of the snipers that received the most work as I wasn't overly taken by the comedic 'run away' pose they were in so one received a bit of a blow dry to put him into a ducking for cover pose while the other was chopped up and put into a running into position pose.
These are now ready to send off to the painter and I'm after something similar to the early WWII German uniform for them along with a dark flesh colour for their skin (like the Uruk-hai from LOTR) which I'm hoping will give them the look of a crack military unit.

Next up on the blog will be the Orc characters from the Hobbit which I've just had returned from the painter, just wait to you see Azog!


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