Thursday, 29 September 2016

Start of a new project - Stargate

With the hobby table clear it was time to start on the next project so after looking through the vast mountain range of miniatures, which I somehow seem to have proliferated, I found just the thing I was in the mood for... Stargate.

This will be a nice self contained set of miniatures that will see little if any expansion beyond what I have here and as there isn't a huge amount to get through I should be able to get this done in a relatively decent amount of time.
Game wise I had originally created profiles for all of these based on the Doctor Who Miniature Game rule set, a game we enjoy and that would fit these very well however with the release of 7TV second edition I'm tempted to start from scratch and create profiles for them for use in that.

Before I get to that stage though I need to get these washed, cleaned up, sprayed and painted!


  1. 20mm figures? (I cannot think of any 28mm manufacturers, If you have found one I would be interested.....)

    1. These are 28mm (not heroic either so can appear a little small compared to GW miniatures) but are a mixture of Hasslefree, Phoenix, MJ Figures and Crocodile Games.

  2. Hi,

    love the project.

    Who did you buy the StarGate from?



    1. Cheers Simon, you can buy the Stargate here: