Monday, 19 September 2016

Fallen Dwarves vs Orcs - Dragon Rampant

On Friday evening I had the pleasure of having another game of Dragon Rampant, testing out my recently finished Fallen Dwarves against some filthy Orcs.  It was my opponents first game yet everything flowed smoothly, to keep it simple we stuck to the first scenario and left quests out for now.  I won this time round though I have a feeling the Orcs will be out for blood next time (!) at which point we may add in a quest or two before upping the points from 24 to 32 or 36 and probably playing on a 6x4.

Here are some highlights but apologies for the quality of the images, they were taken on my phone and as it was evening the lighting wasn't great.

 The battle lines are drawn

The Orcs prepare to attack the Dwarf line 

The Dwarves brace themselves in defence 

The armies march forth 

 The Trolls charge towards the Drakon Guard with reckless abandon

The Dwaves have some time to prepare and form a shield wall deflecting most of the damage and returning some in kind

 Having driven the Trolls off after several combats the Drakon Guard are put upon by crazed Orcs
and with no time to ready themselves are quickly decimated.  However they gave as good as they got and soon the Orc ramble had soon limped away themselves after suffering a severe beating

Meanwhile the Fallen Dwarf Lord Khahzim was showing everyone how it should be done, assisting in the destruction of the crazed Orcs and then taking on the Orc General in a glorious battle

Having seen off the Orc General (though getting quite bloodied in the process) it was time to focus on the last remaining Orcs, the Warg Riders.  They had been steadfast in the face of dwindling numbers and the loss of their General however faced with a fresh group of Dwarves ready for action they took the only sensible option and fled

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