Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Gundabad Orc Characters

Just over a week ago I received my Hobbit Orc characters back from Mally's Minature Painting (, these were all done to a table top standard except for the custom Azog (converted by Shadow and Flame who was given the full works.
I did spend a little time working on some of these myself just to push them a little further (nothing major just a bit of layering on the metal work, flesh and Dwarf skin leather, adding eyes to the Wargs and some of the characters etc) as well as painting and flocking the bases (I always ask for the bases to be unpainted so I can match them up to my collection).
Again I couldn't have been happier with the work Mally puts into his painting and I find that fortunately his painting style fits well with my own so all the miniatures sit well together on the table top.

Azog and his underlings 

Azog on his White Warg 

Bolg on his stretch Warg (not sure what they were thinking when they sculpted this one) 

Yazneg on Warg (one of my favourite sculpts) 

Fimbul on Warg



The true Bolg (and probably my favourite sculpt from the Hobbit Orc range) 




Azog as seen in The Battle of Five Armies 

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