Monday, 14 May 2018

Sedition Wars: Kara and Akosha

Keeping on with the Sedition Wars minis and with our first game of Starfall  on the horizon (  I needed to get some character models painted up.
The obvious first port of call would be Captain Kara Black who will be able to lead the Vanguard through games of Sedition Wars, Starfall ,Deadzone and Warpath.  Did I mention how flexible these miniatures are?  Next up on the table was the sniper Akosha who I wanted to paint up due to her anime style and how useful a sniper will be for your upcoming game (I'm planning to get here high in order to dominate the battlefield).

When I started to paint Kara I decided to put my all into these and give them the best paint job I could and I think it's really paid off as they are easily some of the best I've done (unfortunately my photography skills haven't caught up but I thinking of buying a light box to see if that will help but I am limited by the fact I'm using my phone to take the pictures).

Next up will be Barker Zosa who add a nice bit of heavy fire power to the force.