Thursday, 31 May 2018

Star Wars: A New Project

I realised in my last post I hadn't mentioned what I would be moving on to after the Sedition Wars miniatures so here's a quick work in progress post to show where I'm at.  Of course you've guessed from the title it will be Star Wars however it will be played using the Starfall rules with the Imperial Assault miniatures and set during the Rebels timeline.
What has spurred me on to this new project was a trinity of events, the ending of the excellent Star Wars Rebels (if you haven't seen it and you are a Star Wars fan you owe it to yourself to check it out, the show starts off decently enough but by the end the show's arc has developed considerably and includes some of my favourite moments in the Star Wars franchise), the release of the Starfall rules which will be perfect for this scale of game and finally Fantasy Flight announcing the Lothal expansion for Imperial Assault which will give me all the miniatures I need.

To start with I'm working on the Stormtroopers as they'll be the hardest thing to work on with all that white however I ordered some Arctic White from Instar Paint after hearing some goods things about them and it looks very promising as the white is nearly covering the charcoal in one layer.
As usual my work in progress photos will be up on Instagram with finished photos going up here (I'll be trying out the black background in my photo box next to see how that looks).


  1. Awesome. I keep seeing instar as brand pop up lately. Will have to check them out!

  2. Nice, I look forward to seeing what you do with these! I should really get round to watching the last season of Rebels...